Incube’s “Starscream” EP ft Lost 

Incube – Starscream [Ammunition Dub]

Incube&Lost – Lifepath [Ammunition Dub]


Tranquil cover; Far from tranquil beats!  Incube, based out of Russia, exports traditional grimey sounds as per the territory!

Laying down two slices of wicked neurofunk, Incube gets down to business with “Starscream,” melding high energy with industrial sounds and mechanical effects, painting a picture in the mind as if beasts showing teeth!

Continuing with killer sounds found on the flip, Incube & Lost collaborate and put up a traditional neuro stepper, jam packed with great atmos and basslines that weave in and out of tightly programmed / compressed neuro drums!

This one due out Jan. 23rd, 2012 via Ammunition Recordings!
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