How do I send you a Demo?

To send us a demo, please use the following guidelines:

  1. Message us via Facebook. Title first line “DEMO”  (You can also message us via our “Contact” page, however we’re more likely to respond via Facebook)
  2. Upload music to SoundCloud. Send us the link to stream your demo.
  3. If we feel your Music / Demo fits the Ammunition sound, we will contact you.
    (Please Note: We receive many demos. It is impossible for us to respond to everyone. Do not take this personally, we always enjoy hearing new music!)
  4. Our Release Schedule is usually backed up, keep that in mind when contacting us.
  5. No. Bad. Mixdowns. For serious.


What is Ammunition Recordings?

Ammunition Recordings is a Drum & Bass Record label that distributes high quality Drum & Bass music digitally, and on vinyl (12″ Records.)  Our sound is focused towards Neurofunk & Tech subgenre’s of Drum & Bass.

Where can I buy your releases / music?

Ammunition Recordings distributes on many retailers across the web.  You can find our releases at all the leading digital sites like Beatport, iTunes, Juno, TrackItDown, and our vinyl releases @ Triple Vision + about 150+ more.

Do you release music other than Drum & Bass?

Yes, but very rarely on Ammunition.  We also run a sublabel called Caliber Music (see sidebar), which releases mainly Dubstep, but we also have kept this outlet open for Electronica and Experimental styles of music.

How do I subscribe to the Ammunition Podcast?

To subscribe and be automatically notified of when we release a new podcast installment, subscribe to Ammunition via our SoundCloud or iTunes.  Additionally, you can join the ‘Ammunition Mailing List’ by entering your Email Address in the column on the upper right!

When is the next Ammunition Podcast coming out?

We do not work on a set schedule when it comes to our Podcast Series.  Usually we try to release these every other month or so, but sometimes it may be sooner… or sometimes later!  Subscribe! (see above)

How do I get my song in the Ammunition Podcast?

We normally feature music incoming, or currently out, on Ammunition Recordings.  We also featured music from other artists and labels that we enjoy, so the best way is to send us a demo, or contact us via Message @ Facebook.

I want to promote your music / releases on my YouTube channel.

It’s ok to upload previews / clips of our music.  DO NOT upload a full, high quality version.  This increases piracy, and no artist / producer likes their music being stolen after working for hours / days / weeks / months / even years to perfect their sound.  If we find a full length, high quality tune on your channel, it will be reported to YouTube (or whatever site it’s on.)


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